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Armyworm Monitoring

2019 Armyworm Trapping

Update Sept 13

Armyworm season is coming to an end. In most location the number of worms being caught is really small, almost zero for all. Below is the average of true armyworm moths caught in all 15 sites in the valley. We will be pulling the traps this weekend.

2019 Traps

Overall, this season had good armyworm pressure. During the first peak of armyworm flight, I think growers were able to prevent foliage damage with a treatment when needed. The second peak flight was not so clear, came a little late, and damage caught a few by surprise. We have a good understanding of how damage occurs early in the season and what needs to be done to prevent it; later, during heading, the worms are sneaky, specially soon after heading. There are still a few things we need to figure out, like when exactly are those worms biting the panicle branches and when they are not interested in them anymore. 

We will analyze our yearly data and get back to you with some more thoughts during our winter meetings and other outreach events. Thanks to all the growers and PCAs that let us put traps in their fields, Corteva Agriscience for funding, and FarmDog for letting us use their scouting app for free. Also many thanks to Marcus Rehrman, our Student Assistant that checked all traps weekly even thought the AC in the truck is not the best.

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