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UCCE Rice Yield Contest Cont.

In 2015 we conducted a pilot study that was restricted to Butte County. The purpose of the pilot study was to see if the contest could be conducted without interfering with harvest operations or the flow of traffic at the driers. Participating growers had to have the area around the contest plot harvested before the arrival of the supervisors. Two supervisors monitored the test which required 2 to 3 hours for the whole test (unless a retest was required). In general, conducting the contest did little to disrupt flow of harvest and drier operations unless a recheck was done-which tended to slow harvest operations. On average, growers harvested close to 3.5 acres of rice which came close to filling up a set of double trailers.

Participating growers were asked to provide some information which was mandatory while other information on management was optional. In 2015 growers provided all information. Requested information was related to water, nutrient and pest management, variety, combine and header type, etc.

We had five field entries in 2015 which was ideal for a pilot study. Contest plots included M-206 and M-205 varieties. Yields were high and ranged from 108.3 to 126.9 cwt/ac. The winner, Joe Richter, planted M-205. The milling yields on the test plot were 66/73. The second place prize went to Rodney Jenkins with yields of 113.0 cwt/ac (milling yields – 65/69) from a field of M-206. It is early to say what we can learn from such tests; however from a breeder’s perspective it provides good information on the genetic potential of available varieties. Results also suggest that even with very high yields, milling quality is still good. From a management prospective, Joe did not do anything unusual but followed solid recommendations for providing nutrients and taking care of pests. His total N rate was 167 lb/ac. Most of this was applied before flooding the field for planting. He applied a starter blend (containing N and P) about a month after planting flown into the standing water and a top dress N application around PI.

In 2016 we would like to expand the contest to the whole Sacramento Valley region. In order for growers to compete on a level playing field we will divide up the valley into 4 regions (E and W of the Sacramento River; N and S of Hwy 20) with growers competing amongst each other within each of those regions. If interested, please sign up by Aug 1, 2016.


UCCE Rice Yield Contest

The purpose of the California Rice Yield Contest is to provide an opportunity for rice producers and UC scientists to share information about intensive rice production in California and to recognize individuals who have achieved the highest yields in the state. Please read the rules carefully.




The California Rice Yield Contest is run and operated by the University of California Cooperative Extension. If you have any questions please call:

Bruce Linquist (530 752-3125)
Randal Mutters (530 538-7201)
Luis Espino (530 458-0578).


2017 Forms

Entry form, Rules and Harvest forms can all be viewed and downloaded here.


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