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University of California Rice On-line
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University of California Rice On-line is an interdisciplinary team consisting of UC Cooperative Extension specialists, faculty and farm advisors dedicated to providing rice growers with up-to-date guidelines and information on rice production in California.

Rice growing area
 (lightest green) within California counties where rice is produced (darkest green). Rice variety yield trial locations are indicated (red pins). 

Information about UC Rice Variety Trials

Click or tap red pins to view variety trial data for each location

Locations of UC California rice variety yield trials Yolo rice variety trial location Yuba rice variety trial location Sutter I/L rice variety trial location Sutter VE rice variety trial location Colusa rice variety trial location Butte rice variety trial location South Butte rice variety trial location Rice Exp. Station rice variety trial location Glenn rice variety trial location San Joaquin variety trial location South Yolo variety trial location

Base image courtesy of the California Rice Commission

Upcoming Meetings & Events

2019 Rice Outlook Conference

Dec 8 - 10, 2019

Little Rock, Arkansas


County Cooperative Extension Newsletters

Newsletter cover thumbnail image
The following Cooperative Extension county offices distribute periodic Newsletters that contain useful information, announcements and resources about rice (and other crops).
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Colusa, Butte and Sutter/Yuba County rice newsletters serve Sacramento Valley counties and may contain the same or similar content:
Colusa County, RICE BRIEFS
• Butte County, RICE LEAF
• Sutter/Yuba Counties, RICE NOTES

• San Joaquin County, FIELD NOTES

UC Rice Blog

  • Rice Sustainability Webinars - First One Next Week

    Added October 12, 2019
    Rice Experiment Station, Biggs, CA

    Webinar - U.S. Rice: The Sustainability Powerhouse An American Society of Agronomy webinar sponsored by The Rice Foundation and USDA Natural...

  • Field Survey of Rice Diseases Ongoing

    Added September 13, 2019

    UC Cooperative Extension is conducting a survey of rice diseases this fall. The objective of the survey is to document the incidence of rice...

  • Rice Blast in 2019

    Added August 21, 2019
    IMG 3162

    The last time we saw a severe blast epidemic was 2011. Since then, we haven't had much blast; in fact, I had not see any blast at all during several...

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